dentistPeople who are seeking dental care near an international border are the most likely candidates for dental tourism. In the United States, residents living in southern states that border with Mexico have been utilizing dental services in these Mexican border towns for over thirty years.

In a land where time equals money, a short trip can literally save hundreds and thousands of dollars versus receiving the identical dental procedures in their local area. This explains why residents in North America are travelling in droves to places like Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Hungary since the dentistry is comparable, safe, and effective.

While Mexico is a major hotspot for dental tourism, Hungary actually has the largest choice of dentists, and dental clinics per capita than any other place in the world. While small procedures do not make sense for most North Americans to travel this far, a more extensive dental procedure or oral surgery might pencil out if a person has wanted to see this area of the world.

Most of the work in any of these countries can cost as much as 50%-70% off what they may have been quoted from a local dentist in their area. Even when all travel costs are included, the dental procedures basically become free.

Tourists from Australia and New Zealand often flock to Asia, specifically Thailand and the main cities of Phuket and Bangkok. Not only are the areas beautiful, but the dental care is affordable and top notch as most dentists are North American trained. In addition, most of these offices are absolutely state of the art, often outpacing what most dentists have in the United States and Canada.

As dental costs continue to rise, more people will have to begin to choose between needs and wants. At some point it will not be surprising that people begin to choose vacations and travel as a need and dental procedures as a want. This is why dental tourism is a topic that is so currently on trend as it will give people the ability to enjoy travel and tourism with the practicality of quality dental care.

There is no dental procedure that is too big or small not to seek out the price difference in another country. The internet makes travel more affordable than ever, so throwing in the dental implant, dentures, teeth whitening, or root canal you’ve been putting off makes more sense than ever.

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